8 Low-Light Houseplants That Can Survive Shady Rooms

Are you craving a touch of greenery but lacking sunshine? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many apartments and offices have limited natural light. But fear not, plant lovers! A vibrant world of low-light houseplants is ready to thrive in your shady spaces. These botanical heroes will add life, colour, and a touch of nature’s serenity, even in rooms that rarely see the sun. So, dust off those empty corners and prepare to keep the indoors alive!

What is considered low light for plants?

Low light doesn’t mean complete darkness. Plants in shady rooms get indirect light, often several feet away from a window. They won’t receive direct sunlight, which is harsh for these shade-loving varieties. While they might grow slower than sunbathers, low-light plants can flourish and add beauty to your space.

Low-Light Houseplants

#1 Fernwood Mikado

Low Light Houseplants

This low-light superstar boasts sharp, cylindrical leaves with stunning tiger stripes. The Fernwood Mikado grows in a graceful, fountain-like shape, adding a modern touch to your shady corner. Plus, it’s known for being nearly indestructible – perfect for busy plant parents!

#2 Peperomia Green

Low Light Houseplants

Are you looking for a low-maintenance houseplant? Look no further than the Peperomia Green! This little gem features plump, textured leaves that come in various shapes, like round or heart-shaped. Peperomia Green thrives in neglect, perfect for forgetful plant enthusiasts or busy schedules.

#3 Silver Philodendron

Low Light Houseplants

Bring a touch of moonlight indoors with the Silver Philodendron. This stunning plant boasts velvety, heart-shaped leaves with a shimmering, almost silvery sheen. It adds a touch of elegance to any room and prefers bright, indirect light – perfect for those shady corners that still get a gentle glow.

#4 Arrowhead Vine

Low Light Houseplants

Liven up your bookshelf or mantle with the Arrowhead Vine. True to its name, this fast-growing plant features glossy, arrow-shaped leaves. It can climb or trail, making it versatile for various displays. Plus, Arrowhead Vines tolerate lower light conditions, adding a touch of greenery to those dimmer rooms.

#5 Bird’s Nest Fern

Low Light Houseplants

Unfurl a touch of the tropics with the Bird’s Nest Fern. This architectural wonder features long, sword-shaped fronds that form a central nest. It thrives in humid environments and adds a lush, textural element to your shady space. This fern prefers consistently moist soil like a bird caring for its young.

#6 Neon Pothos

Low Light Houseplants

Light up your low-light space with the Neon Pothos. This vibrant variety boasts heart-shaped leaves in a stunning lime green hue. Nearly indestructible and happy to trail or climb, it’s a low-maintenance option that adds colour to any corner.

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#7 Grape Ivy

Low Light Houseplants

Look no further than the Grape Ivy for a touch of flowing greenery. This fast-growing vine features glossy, deep green leaves resembling grape clusters (hence the name!). It’s perfect for hanging baskets or trailing on shelves, adding a touch of vertical interest to your shady space.

#8 Calathea

Low Light Houseplants

Unleash the inner artist with the Calathea. This captivating plant boasts stunning foliage with vibrant patterns and stripes in green, purple, and pink shades. Calatheas come in various leaf shapes and sizes, offering an option for every taste. While they prefer humidity, they’ll reward you with dazzling beauty in most low-light environments.


Can any plant survive in complete darkness?

No, all plants need some light for photosynthesis. However, low-light plants thrive in indirect sunlight, making them perfect for shady rooms.

Do low-light plants need fertilizer?

They don’t need it as often as sun-loving plants. A light fertiliser application once a month is sufficient during their afertilizering season (usually spring and summer).

 My low-light plant looks leggy and stretched. What’s wrong?

This likely means it needs more light. Try moving it closer to a window with indirect sunlight or supplementing it with a grow light.

Can I group low-light plants to create a mini indoor jungle?

Absolutely! Grouping plants helps create a humid microclimate, which many low-light plants appreciate. Just ensure they all have similar light requirements.


In conclusion, a whole world of vibrant houseplants is waiting to flourish in your shady spaces! From the architectural Bird’s Nest Fern to the dazzling Calathea with its jewel-toned leaves, these low-light superstars offer a variety of textures, colours, and shapes to brighten your home. With some know-how about their watering and lighting needs, you can create your indoor jungle, even in rooms that rarely see the sun. So, embrace the shade and bring the beauty of nature indoors with these easy-to-care-for botanical companions!

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